Policy and Procedure

At ARK Relocations Solutions ® LLC, we will reimburse our customers up to .60/lb for dropped or damaged items regardless of the intrinsic value of a specific item. This applies to items dropped by the movers, and/or damaged in transit. Particleboard is excluded. Please note that cargo insurance does not apply to damage that occurs to items on rental trucks. We will, in no way, be responsible for any property that becomes scratched, marred, or otherwise damaged once it is placed on your rental truck. The customer assumes all liability for the rental truck and the contents therein. ARK Relocations Solutions ® LLC also carries General Liability Insurance, but you are encouraged to contact your Homeowner’s Insurance representative if you seek broader coverage. Additional insurance and full replacement value can also be purchased. If the customer wishes to take out a policy, it must be done at least two days prior to the move.

Please allow a 2-hour window of arrival from your scheduled move time for your movers to arrive. In the event that we are running late, we will do our best to keep you informed. If you have questions about our policies, please call us for more information.

Customers have the right to make a claim within 48 hours of their move for any damage they would like us to review. After 48 hours, claims will not be valid. Please understand that we value all of our customers but once we leave the premises, anything can happen.